Why Agents Don’t Show Your Union County NC Home

Why aren’t agents showing my Union County NC Home?

Maybe the problem isn’t the real estate agents. Maybe the problem is you, dear Union County NC home seller. Here is a rant and some tips from the Union County NC real estate agent who tried to show your home this weekend.

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Union County NC Home

Are you frustrated by a lack of showings of your home?

Dear Union County NC Home Seller,

I see that you have had your home on the market a long time. I imagine that you are very frustrated with your home selling experience.

Guess what? I’m frustrated too because I tried very hard to show your home this weekend but you made it too difficult to do.

This is what you missed. My buyer clients were from out-of-town on a home buying trip. They were ready to pay cash for a home. They had a three-day visit in which to choose a home. That meant that we had to look at a lot of homes each day.

But we couldn’t see your home because you set so many showing restrictions that we just couldn’t fit you into the schedule. Maybe you aren’t as motivated to sell your home as your listing agent says.

Or perhaps you are simply misinformed about how agents schedule showings and how the showing service for all Union County home sellers works. If so, here are some tips for making your home more accessible. Remember… the more showings you have, the more likely you are to get an offer.

Make your home accessible for a two-hour window

It’s not unreasonable for an agent who is showing ten to fifteen homes in one day to request a two-hour window for the showing. When I have out-of-town clients, we have to look at many homes each day. If I’ve never shown homes to a set of clients before, I have no idea whether they will spend a little time or a lot of time in each home. When you restrict me to a one-hour time frame, you may be giving me an impossible task. You don’t have to leave your house for this two hour time period if you want to be at home. Just wait until I arrive, greet us at the door, and take a walk around the neighborhood.

Don’t reschedule my appointment
When I have a full showing schedule, I have to group the properties that we will see into a geographic tour that makes sense. Don’t reschedule my showing of your home to a different time. If you do, you may not fit into the geography. We will cover a lot of ground on our tour and it won’t work to backtrack because you decided to reschedule me to a time completely different from the other homes in your neighborhood.

Don’t put restrictions on showings.
Showings may be ordered online through the showing service. This is a very easy process and my preferred way of setting appointments. Did you know that if my online order conflicts in any way with your showing instructions, I will receive a “showing declined” without any explanation? I am very likely to pass on “showing declined” listings. Don’t put any restrictions on showings, if at all possible. That includes the one-hour time frame as well as a required 2, 12, or 24-hour notice of showings. If I have to reschedule your appointment on the fly and you have a two-hour notice requirement, the appointment center will make me wait another two hours to show. And please don’t make me call the appointment center when I’m 15 minutes away from your home. That is just too easy to forget when I’m showing a lot of houses.

Don’t violate the first rule of selling your Union County NC home.
Thanks for listening to my rant. If you are not getting a lot of showings, take a look in the mirror to see if you are violating the first rule of selling your Union County NC home: be accessible!

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Don’t Sabotage Your Union County NC Home Sale

Are the Three Ds Sabotaging Your Union County NC Home Sale?

Union County NC Home Sale

Don’t Sabotage Your Union County NC Home Sale

Donna, one of my current home buyer clients, is very organized in her approach to finding a home. She takes notes on each house that we view. This helps her remember the details and pluses and minuses of each property later when she turns to the process of eliminating those that won’t work for her family.

Last week as we toured a home, Donna made the comment that she could easily rate the property. She was going to give it three Ds. Curious, I asked her what three Ds meant. “Dark, dirty and dated,” she replied.

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Is your Union County NC home dark, dirty and dated?

Those three Ds describe why so many Union County homes don’t sell. It amazes me that some home sellers sabotage their home sales with the three Ds when the fixes for these problems can be so simple and mostly inexpensive. Here are some tips for ensuring that your home doesn’t get graded with three Ds.

This is so easy. Turn all the lights on. Every light in the house, including the lamps. If you have a room that has dark corners, buy an inexpensive pole lamp for uplighting. Open the blinds, shades and curtains. The right amount of light can turn a dungeon into a delight. Why would you let a few pennies for electricity keep you from selling your biggest investment?

Come on. Buyers don’t want to move into someone else’s filthy home. They notice the ugly stained bathtubs and showers, the spotted carpets, the dusty knickknacks, the dirty windows. They smell your cats and dogs and the fish you had for dinner last night. If you are unable to make your home sparkle for showings, hire someone to clean it for you. Clear out the animal dishes and kitty litter. Remember, if it smells, it won’t sell.

Yes, updating a home can get expensive. But there are some simple, relatively inexpensive things that you can do to make your home less dated. Do you still have shiny brass fixtures? Shiny brass is out! Replace those light fixtures, faucets and kitchen hardware with something in today’s popular finishes. Updated fixtures can change a home’s look dramatically. You will also get a lot of bang for your buck if you paint your rooms with dark or bold colors a fresh neutral color. Getting a little more expensive, replace that worn out carpet. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive carpet, just new and neutral. The kitchen is everyone’s favorite room. Replacing old appliances and countertops will help you sell your home because buyers won’t be thinking of what they have to do to make the home livable for them.

Don’t let Donna’s three Ds sabotage your Union County home sale. Take some steps to keep your home from being labeled dark, dirty and dated. Change one of your biggest investments from DISGUSTING to DELIGHTFUL. Donna would approve.

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Calculate Your Union County NC Home Sale Net

How much will your Union County NC home sale net?

No discussion of pricing your home is complete without discussing your Union County NC home sale net proceeds. This occurs after you and your agent have identified the price range that will help you sell your home within a reasonable amount of time.

Union County NC Home Sale Net

How much will you net from the sale of your Union County NC Home?














As the final step in this pricing discussion, you should ask the real estate agent to calculate how much money you will net from your Union County NC home sale. The following will help you understand the costs of selling your home and how to arrive at the proceeds that you can expect from your sale. This example pertains to properties sold in North Carolina. Other states and localities will have different costs.

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Seller Closing Costs

When I calculate a net for home sellers, I first estimate typical costs that all sellers pay.  What are they?

Deed Preparation   The seller pays the closing attorney to prepare the deed for signature, a lien waiver and a few other documents. This will average $250 depending on what the individual attorney charges.
Cancel Deed(s) of Trust   A deed of trust secures the property as collateral for any loans or home equity lines, whether there is a balance or not, that are on the property. A typical cost is $50 per deed of trust that must be cancelled by the attorney after closing.
State Revenue Stamps   Every seller must pay an excise tax of $2 per $1000 of the sales price to the state of North Carolina when the property changes title. For example, the seller of a $300,000 property would owe the state $600 upon closing.
Overnight Fees   The closing attorney will charge a fee to handle and ship any loan payoffs to the lenders. A typical cost would be $50 per payoff.
Broker’s Commission   The amount of the commission will be set in the listing agreement between the real estate firm and the seller.

Calculating Your Union County NC Home Sale Net Proceeds

Once you’ve calculated the seller closing costs, you can take the contract sales price and subtract the various items that will reduce the price to arrive at your net proceeds.  This is what those calculations will look like.

Contract Sales Price
Less Closing Costs   These are the items identified above as typical closing costs.
Less 1st Mortgage   This is the balance remaining on your first mortgage.
Less 2nd Mortgage or Home Equity Line   This is the balance remaining on any other mortgages or home equity lines.
Less Mortgage Interest   The payoffs for your mortgages will include the principal balance plus the last month’s interest payment because interest is paid in arrears. The loan’s last interest payment will be prorated to the day of closing.
Less Taxes   You will give the buyer a credit for property taxes owed from the beginning of the year to the day of closing. The buyer will then be responsible for the entire tax bill at the end of the year. If you close near the end of the year after the tax bills come out, the closing attorney will collect your share from you and the buyer’s share for the rest of the year. The attorney will then pay the bill. If you’ve already paid the bill at the end of the year, the buyer will give you a credit for the rest of the year after closing.
Less HOA Fees and Prorations   If your property is in a community governed by an HOA, there will be HOA fees to be prorated.  Sellers also pay for any administrative fees charged by HOA management companies to transfer account information to the new owner.  The HOA fees will be prorated to the day of closing.   If you’ve paid for the entire year, you will receive a credit from the buyer for his share that you’ve already paid.
Less Other Costs   Other items that might be subtracted from your net at closing could include any closing costs that you agree to pay for the buyer, the cost of a home warranty and any repairs that you might agree to do.

Importance of Calculating Proceeds from Your Union County NC Home Sale

With a reliable estimate of what you can expect to net from the sale of your home, you will be much more comfortable in negotiating offers on the property.  I make it a practice to prepare this estimate when the property is listed and when each offer is presented.

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Union County NC Home Sale Pricing

What is the correct price for your Union County NC home?

Price is one of the three elements that determines whether a home sale will be successful. The other two elements are location and condition. I believe that price is the most important of these elements. Your asking price must take into account the location of your property and its condition. Once you have established a price range for properties similar to yours, location and condition will determine whether your home will command the top of its price range or the bottom.

How does your real estate agent determine a price range for your property? The agent should look at recently sold properties, properties under contract but not yet sold, and active listings. Each of these comparables or comps should be similar to your property.

Union County NC Home Sale Pricing

Union County NC Home Sale Pricing

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Choosing and Evaluating Comparable Sold Properties

How are comparables for your Union County NC home sale chosen? Ideally, the comps should be from your neighborhood. If none are available in your neighborhood, they should be from nearby similar neighborhoods. The home type, size, features and age should be similar. The lot size should be similar as well, although variations in size within a given neighborhood usually don’t have an impact on price.

How are sold comparables evaluated? The sold comparables for your property should be limited to those that closed within the last six months. This will ensure that the closed prices are still valid in the face of either an appreciating or a declining market. Once the comps are chosen, the real estate agent may have to make adjustments to them in order to make them similar to your property. Examples of these adjustments would be adjusting for the larger or smaller size of the comp, adding or subtracting a garage, or subtracting the amount of closing costs that the seller paid for the buyer. The adjusted values of the comparables will identify the price range of your property.

Evaluating Under Contract Properties

Why look at properties that are currently under contract but not yet closed? These properties represent the current market. While the final closing price is not available, a look at the asking price and how long the properties were on the market before getting a contract will indicate whether the market is improving or declining.

Reviewing the Competition for your Union County NC Home Sale in Active Listings

How do active listings affect your price? After you’ve determined an appropriate price range, you should look at a list of comparable listings that are currently active. Place your property on the list to see where you will fit in. Are you the most expensive home on the list? If so, buyers may overlook you as not being a good value. Remember that potential buyers will be looking at your competition too, both online and then in person. If your home appears to be out of synch with your competition they may eliminate you from their list. Looking at your competition and evaluating where you stand relative to the competition is one of the most important things you can do to identify the correct price for your home.

Choosing the Correct Asking Price

How do you choose the correct asking price for your Union County NC home sale? Every home buyer wants to negotiate the price so you will need to choose an asking price that accommodates some negotiation. Generally your asking price should not be more than 3% to 5% above the price that you think you can get for your property. If your asking price is higher than that, buyers may simply pass you by. A high asking price will not generate a sales price above what the market dictates is the correct price. If you’ve been on the market for awhile without showings or with showings but no offers, your asking price is probably too high.

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