Why Agents Don’t Show Your Union County NC Home

Why aren’t agents showing my Union County NC Home?

Maybe the problem isn’t the real estate agents. Maybe the problem is you, dear Union County NC home seller. Here is a rant and some tips from the Union County NC real estate agent who tried to show your home this weekend.

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Union County NC Home

Are you frustrated by a lack of showings of your home?

Dear Union County NC Home Seller,

I see that you have had your home on the market a long time. I imagine that you are very frustrated with your home selling experience.

Guess what? I’m frustrated too because I tried very hard to show your home this weekend but you made it too difficult to do.

This is what you missed. My buyer clients were from out-of-town on a home buying trip. They were ready to pay cash for a home. They had a three-day visit in which to choose a home. That meant that we had to look at a lot of homes each day.

But we couldn’t see your home because you set so many showing restrictions that we just couldn’t fit you into the schedule. Maybe you aren’t as motivated to sell your home as your listing agent says.

Or perhaps you are simply misinformed about how agents schedule showings and how the showing service for all Union County home sellers works. If so, here are some tips for making your home more accessible. Remember… the more showings you have, the more likely you are to get an offer.

Make your home accessible for a two-hour window

It’s not unreasonable for an agent who is showing ten to fifteen homes in one day to request a two-hour window for the showing. When I have out-of-town clients, we have to look at many homes each day. If I’ve never shown homes to a set of clients before, I have no idea whether they will spend a little time or a lot of time in each home. When you restrict me to a one-hour time frame, you may be giving me an impossible task. You don’t have to leave your house for this two hour time period if you want to be at home. Just wait until I arrive, greet us at the door, and take a walk around the neighborhood.

Don’t reschedule my appointment
When I have a full showing schedule, I have to group the properties that we will see into a geographic tour that makes sense. Don’t reschedule my showing of your home to a different time. If you do, you may not fit into the geography. We will cover a lot of ground on our tour and it won’t work to backtrack because you decided to reschedule me to a time completely different from the other homes in your neighborhood.

Don’t put restrictions on showings.
Showings may be ordered online through the showing service. This is a very easy process and my preferred way of setting appointments. Did you know that if my online order conflicts in any way with your showing instructions, I will receive a “showing declined” without any explanation? I am very likely to pass on “showing declined” listings. Don’t put any restrictions on showings, if at all possible. That includes the one-hour time frame as well as a required 2, 12, or 24-hour notice of showings. If I have to reschedule your appointment on the fly and you have a two-hour notice requirement, the appointment center will make me wait another two hours to show. And please don’t make me call the appointment center when I’m 15 minutes away from your home. That is just too easy to forget when I’m showing a lot of houses.

Don’t violate the first rule of selling your Union County NC home.
Thanks for listening to my rant. If you are not getting a lot of showings, take a look in the mirror to see if you are violating the first rule of selling your Union County NC home: be accessible!

Thinking of selling your Union County NC home? Request a free online comparative market analysis.

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